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How to Split, Share & Track Subscriptions with Ease

January 16, 2024
split share and track subscriptions

Why is there a need to Split & Share Subscriptions?

Do you ever sit down on a weekend and think about how living your life daily is a full-time job in and of itself?

Not only do you put in 40 hour work weeks (or more), you also have to clean the house, grocery shop, pay the bills, go out for a movie, work out, take classes, cook, eat, sleep. And repeat. It’s not only hard being a young working professional, it’s also expensive.

Thankfully subscribing to services often takes some of the load off. Going for a movie? Maybe watch it at home with your OTT subscriptions. Taking painting classes? Save the commute and learn remotely with a learning subscription.

Due to the convenience of subscriptions, there has been a significant change in the retail and etail scene. You can gain access to a wide range of digital services and product deliveries with the subscription model, at the click of a button. That is why the subscription industry has always strived to provide the best interface and user experience. Now, with their convenience, subscriptions aren’t always cheap. Which is where you may find it easier to share your subscription with friends and family, and split the cost to The split and share feature is one such addition that the subscription industry has definitely made it easier for a user.

Ways to Split and Share Subscriptions

So, what exactly is splitting and sharing a subscriptions?

Simply put, it is a method of sharing subscriptions with friends and family and splitting expenses so that you do not have to pay the full price all by yourself. This is one of the main benefits if you have a limited budget for yourself and it also reduces the burden of tracking your subscriptions. As a result, you save money while still getting the convenience.

Simple Methods for Splitting and Sharing Subscriptions with Friends and Family Include:

Opt for shared subscriptions with your family:

If you want something simple, consider family subscriptions based on how much money each of you want to contribute. For example, if you have four people in your family, the only way to split your subscription expenses is to divide the cost among the four of you by one subscription that meets all of your needs. If you're looking for entertainment-based subscriptions, consider Disney+ Hotstar, or if you're a family that loves eating together, consider a coffee or snack box subscription. By doing so, you avoid losing money on a subscription while also enjoying it with your entire family.

Use a subscription app to help you track and divide your subscriptions:

Second, you can use a subscription app to help manage, track and split your subscriptions. Fleek is one such app that provides a seamless experience. Along with offering great deals on your favorite subscriptions, you can easily manage, track, and share your subscriptions on Fleek too.

Simply choose the subscription that you want to split and share with your friends, choose who you’re sharing it with, and you're done. They’ll get a reminder to send their share of the subscription bill before your subscription is up for renewal. Fewer hassle, more entertainment!

Keep track of subscription expenses:

Whether you’re splitting your subscription with friends or not, it is always a good idea to keep track of how much you’re spending on them each month. Maybe set aside a specific budget for subscriptions and stick to it every month, to ensure you’re not subscribing to something you don’t need. Also keep track of the free trials you sign up for, so you’re not charged after the trial duration is over.

Overall, the subscription future appears to be very promising. As the subscription economy grows, we can’t wait to see newer innovations in this field. So it's best to jump on the subscription bandwagon now and enjoy all of these benefits to the maximum.

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