Manage your Subscriptions
with Just a Toggle.

Download it on your smartphone right now!

Split subscriptions with friends! Manage all your subscriptions Transaction history at your fingertip

All your subscriptions
in one place


Track all your subscriptions and recurring payments in one place.


See how much money you're spending on each scheduled payment and with each separate merchant.

All your subscriptions in one place Phone Shadow

Easy control over all
your subscriptions


With all your subscriptions in one place, identify unwanted subscriptions.
Cancel or change your plan with just a toggle.


If you change your mind, restart just as easily.

Easy control over your subscriptions Shadow

Stay on top with Smart


You'll get notified 3 days before your billing date.
Say goodbye to paying for unused subscriptions.

Stay on top with smart notifications

Cancelling Free trials
has never been easier


Set- Auto cancellation of Free Trials.

Setup automatic cancellation of free trials

Split subscription
payments using UPI


Select friends or co-workers you want to split your subscriptions with.


Fleek Auto-collects money from them every billing cycle, so that you don't need to worry to keep score.

Split your subscriptions using secured payment merchants

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