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7 Best Antivirus for PC 2024 - Free and Paid

May 8, 2024
best antivirus for pc

What do you require in the Best Antivirus for PC? 360-degree anti-malware protection, internet security, and much more right? When it comes to safety, there are no limits, which is why we have compiled a list of the Best Antivirus for PC & more, along with their prices and features, so you can make the best decision and never pay the price for online thefts!

7 Best Antivirus for PC 2024

1. Kaspersky

Free Antivirus and Phone security for PCs & Android devices, Kaspersky is your go-to!

Best Traits:

Kaspersky Internet Security is one of the Best Antivirus for PC mainly. But additionally it also protects your phones and tablets from potential online threats. They also have features like antivirus protection, background check, find my phone, where is my device, app lock, anti-phishing, and device filtering on your network.


* Antivirus latest version for one user for 1 year - ₹599

* Internet Security latest version for 1 year - ₹899

* Total Security annually - ₹2299

Other features :

Other useful features include the ability to block dangerous sites and links when you are online and to receive notifications when a new device connects to your Wi-Fi network so you can block unauthorized access.

2. McAfee

In addition to being one of the leading names under one of the Best Antivirus for PC, McAfee is your all-around Antivirus app with a Wi-Fi scanner, dark web privacy and mobile security.

Best Traits:

McAfee's advanced privacy protection and award-winning antivirus cleaner primarily protect against Malware threats and identity theft. McAfee's main agenda is undoubtedly to provide platforms for browsing, identity protection and more. They also have an antivirus cleaner, virus removal, and another feature that checks for malicious viruses in files and other downloaded content. Furthermore, you can detect and destroy these threats with screen protection.


* Antivirus 1-year plan - ₹499

* Total protection 1-year plan - ₹1299

Other features:

Other features include dark web monitoring, safe browsing, and Wi-Fi scanning, but you should check to see if these features are available in your area because system requirements vary by location.

3. Net Protector

The name accurately describes the potential of this app as a Best Antivirus for PC!

Best Traits:

Net Protector antivirus solutions for home and office PCs help to strengthen your system and protect your devices from all threats. The most prominent features include Automatic updates for the firewall, Advertise blocker, a Tuner for Parental Control, Data backup and an Anti-phishing system.


* Antivirus 1-year plan - ₹999

Other features:

They have a duplicate file fixer that allows you to find and remove duplicate files, which is very useful for giving you that extra storage. A vulnerability scanner, behaviour control, Anti-ransomware shield, and Advertise blocker are other eye-catching features.

4. Avast

With over a hundred million users who have opted for mobile security, Avast is much more than just the Best Antivirus for PCs!

Best Traits:

Looking for Antivirus protection against infected apps and viruses? Then look no further, Avast is your best bet. Millions of people have opted for their antivirus cleaner protection, which includes an antivirus engine, anti-theft hack check, photo vault, file scanner, and more. One of the most important features to look for is the flexibility to hide your online activities from hackers by encrypting your ISP connection, as well as changing your location to access streaming services from anywhere.


* Premium security for one month - ₹339

* Ultimate Suite 1 month - ₹549

* SecurelineVPN 1 month connecting up to 10 devices - ₹669

* Ultimate suite 1 month connecting up to 10 devices - ₹669

* Android mobile security for one year - ₹1099

* Premium security for 1 year plan - ₹1999

* Ultimate Suite 1 year plan - ₹3299

* Secureline VPN 1 year plan - ₹3999

Other features:

Other features include Wi-Fi security that Shield RAM boost, which is crucial for your device's smooth operation, and a Wi-Fi speed test.

5. AVG

AVG, a well-known name in the security industry, and also is your best option when it comes to Best Antivirus for PC, here's why.

Best Traits:

AVG is an Android mobile security that protects you from malicious viruses and malware. You can also use app lock, photo vault to keep your personal data safe, Wi-Fi security scan, hack notifications app permissions advisor for malware.

Enjoy the added benefits of killing tasks that slow down your device and cleaning up unnecessary files along with their encrypted wall to keep your private photos safe and blocked scam sites.


* PC tune-up for one month - ₹169

* Android antivirus pro for 1 year - ₹499

* PC tune-up for 1 year - ₹999

Other features:

With over 10 lakh people opting for AVG’s antivirus protection, you can now be a part of the complete security family with great performances to keep your mobile and other devices safe. Enjoy the benefits of app insights, which track how much time you spend on your phone and how much data you use.

6. Eset NOD32

Enjoy a safer mobile experience and the all-around benefit of one of the Best Antivirus for PC wherever you go!

Best Traits:

It is your fast and powerful mobile antivirus solution trusted by millions of people around the world. They also have a free 30-day premium feature where you can simply subscribe and look over their options. Payment protection, proactive anti-theft detection, tracking on-screen message customisation, and anti-phishing are some of the most notable features provided by Eset Nord. One feature that distinguishes this app from others is the home Plus option, which allows you to check devices and apps are protected for better security.


* Antivirus 1-year plan - ₹999

Other features:

Other useful free features are Security Antivirus, real-time scanning, security report activity, USB on-the-go and secure five devices linked to the same Google account.

7. K7

Finishing this blog by exploring K7 mobile security, which makes your PC and smartphone smarter and safer.

Best Traits:

As we all know, smartphones and PCs are something that everyone uses on a daily basis. Which is why it's critical to keep your phone secure, and K7 Mobile security does just that. There are a lot of features, such as antivirus, schedule scanner, anti-theft mechanism, contact block, web filtering, and so on. They also protect against digital data loss and have an inbuilt innovative system that ensures longer battery life without interfering with mobile usage.


* Total Security 1-year plan for one user - ₹499

* Antivirus premium 1-year plan for one user - ₹699

* Total Security 3-year plan for one user - ₹999

* Total Security 1-year plan for 3 users - ₹1999

* Total Security 1-year plan for 5 users - ₹2999

* Ultimate security 5 PCS for a 5-year plan - ₹4999

Other features:

Look for the privacy advisor feature in this Best Antivirus for PC, where you can get a detailed report on the applications you've installed that are posing a threat to your device and rectify them in no time!

We hope that this blog has helped you understand what type of Best Antivirus for PC to use for complete PC and device protection. Knowing the benefits and drawbacks will make it easier for you to subscribe to your favourite Antivirus software for all-around protection. We'll see you next week with another blog to keep you up to date on the latest plans and the best sales deals on selected products available only on Fleek.


1. How much does Antivirus Software cost?

There are different prices for each subscription depending on the type of best antivirus software that you choose. As a result, Fleek offers great deals on the antivirus software that won't break the bank while also protecting your device's security.

2. Do you really need an Antivirus Software?

With ongoing theft and phishing practices, it is prudent to have the best antivirus software that provides comprehensive protection for your phone, tablet, computer, and other devices. They protect you and your data from potential threats.

3. Can Antivirus stop hackers?

To some extent yes, Best Antivirus for PC & other devices can prevent hackers from accessing your data, which is why we have a list of other loaded features that not only protect your data but also provide security. To protect yourself from unwanted spam messages, unwanted calls, and other malicious websites, Anti-virus software is your best bet and the need of the hour.

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