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10 Hilarious IPL Tweets of The Week!

The funniest and most relatable tweets from this week of IPL 2022.

May 22, 2022
hilarious ipl tweets

This season has seen some nail-biting moments, but fans and audiences never fail to have lighthearted moments to have some fun! We're back with tweets for the week, and they're even funnier this time!

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1. Yuzi be like “KKR ka Chain Vain sab ujda”

2. Time to pen down Miller on the memory lane!

3. At this point, it's safe to agree that “ Music speaks louder than words”

4. So we are moving on from needing a boyfriend to “BAT-MAN” 

5. Is there really no cure for Pushpa fever?

6. GT and LSG casually hitting the doubt-balls out of the court!

7. You and I go together like Jos Buttler and his bat “unbeatable”

8. And the Dance Premier League trophy goes to “Bravo”! BRAVO, Bravo! 

9. Itni shakti hame dena data, 3rd umpire pe vishwas kamzor ho na

10. If “sab ka time aayega aur sab ka bhi katega” had a face. xD

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1. RR setback shining brighter than the comeback?

2. IPL season ka Oooltah chashma!

3. Cummins to MI - Ye cummins ka style hain!

4. Knights always help, even if they are the reason you are hurt XD

5. Stay true to the game even if it calls to wicket out your mentor!

6. Buttler “6” sixes shots to “0” 4 shots  - Eyy Bidda Ye Mera Adda

7. KKR hai taiyaar cup jeetne ke liye bekaraar! #backinform

8. It's always nice to see history created again!

9. “Never forget your friends.”

– Itachi Uchiha #brosbeforewickets

10. Wickets may go down but tips from Dhoni? Never! #thalapower

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