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Starts ₹439

We have a story to tell about Storytel! Find the right story at any time for you to read. With 10+ Indian languages and hundreds of selection of books, you know where to look for the perfect e-book.

Storytel Subscription Plans

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Storytel - 3 Months Plan

What you get

  • Unlimited access to audibooks & ebooks.
  • Unlimited access in English and 10+ Indian languages.
  • Best sellers and originals in every genre.
45% OFF


Audio books and E-books are two apps that people appear to be using to rekindle their reading habits in this fast-paced world. Storytel subscription includes a wide range of audio books and E-books with a curated selection of the best stories for you. StoryTel is available in English, Marathi, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Assamese, and Telugu....see more.

Benefits of Storytel Subscription Offer with Fleek

  • Buy a Storytel subscription on Fleek for up to 45% by using your Fleekcoin on checkout.
  • Earn amazing cashback, rewards, and Fleekcoin along with exclusive discounts.
  • Fleek has gone the extra mile by resolving user concerns with auto-debit with setting up a one-click auto-pay for all subscriptions.
  • Managing Storytel subscription and other subscriptions has never been easier, with Fleek!
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